Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy is an exceptional school for any ballet dancer serious about becoming a professional dancer. Michelangelo Canale saw me in my first ballet class at age 13 and invited me to join the Program Level classes to start studying more intensely. Because of his guidance, I had the tools to lead me to an Apprenticeship with the Richmond Ballet. I was always given plenty of advice and guidance which I still use to this day, that allowed me to “make it” having had a late start. I am forever grateful to the wonderful teachers at ACBA for all the knowledge and instruction they’ve given me. I am where I am today because of the education that I received at this incredible academy.

Alexandra Lammon
Professional Dancer
Richmond Ballet

Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy not only prepared me to be a professional classical ballet dancer but a disciplined and self motivated person. ACBA provides its students with the rigorous training necessary for a career in dance while also providing wonderful performance opportunities to instill the love of dance. I cannot thank the staff enough for all the years of training and endless support. I look forward to teaching and finding ways to give back to ACBA in the future.

Michelle Katcher
Professional Dancer
Ballet Arizona

I drove to Anchorage last Friday to catch the Homer girls after the three week intensive training. Congratulations for a wonderful recital and to your teachers and staff for the polish, poise, and instruction. I especially admired your bringing in the condenser mics and mixing some vocals in with the movement. Not everyone would understand how something with a Broadway look could figure into “classical” dance, but, across the board, a liberal study and training regime has long proven to be the very best in producing success and expertise. Thank you for your dedication to dance; congratulations on bringing out the best in these young women; and please call me if you are ever in Homer. I’ll be happy to show you around the theater space, including our costume area.

Ken castner
Producer of Homer Nutcracker and other productions for 29 years

The values and abilities I gained from ACBA have propelled my dancing career far beyond my own expectations. Their talented staff helped me become the best dancer that I could be. Learning to dance in their atmosphere of professionalism and excellence gave me the tools not only to succeed in my professional dancing career, but also in every aspect of my life. ACBA helped foster my love for dance and, in my professional opinion, is the best starting block to learn, test yourself, and excel in the art of dance.

Owen Barrington
World Irish Dance Champion and professional dancer with Riverdance

I am truly grateful to have trained at ACBA. The knowledge, skills, professionalism, and technique I gained allowed me to standout among some of the best dancers in the world. My professional career has been a success thanks to the rigorous discipline of ACBA. Now as a teacher and artistic director of my own company in NYC I’m able to instill in my students and artists the same foundational principles I learned from ACBA.

Leyland Simmons
Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer & Co-Artistic Director of Ballet Noir

I feel so lucky to have started my ballet training at ACBA. Although I started at a late age, I was never made felt as though I was behind and was always encouraged to keep going. Farah and Michelangelo have such a passion and talent for teaching and it shows in all the dancers they produce. Their high standards of training and discipline meet those of the best schools around the world. ACBA opened so many doors for me and I have them to thank for the dancer that I have become.

Natalie Blosser
Professional Dancer
Graduate Royal Ballet School, London UK

My years at ACBA taught me many valuable life skills about hard work, achieving what you think are impossible goals, and staying focused. After going on to apprentice with BalletMet Ohio, I realized that the technique and level of professionalism I learned from Michelangelo and Farah matched the level expected from me as a dancer with other professionals. I always felt the teachers at ACBA worked very hard on my behalf and held a high standard for every student. I am grateful to have developed my curiosity and love for working with the body at Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy.

Ana Kokaurova
Training Director at Studio One Pilates
Certified Advanced Rolfer®

I enrolled my daughter, Sofia in the Mommy and Me class and she really liked it from the beginning and loved to re-play the class at home. Shortly after, I went back to work full-time. I had to withdraw her with the intention of re-enrolling her when she turned 3. Little did I know, Sofia had a different plan… all my daughter wanted to do was to dance ballet, not just attend a kids class with music, since I tried other toddler classes on Saturdays only to have her disappointed. Her disappointment was so great that we couldn’t drive in front of Anchorage Ballet because she would start to cry and ask to go to the ballet class. Most days, all she wants to wear is her tights, leotard and ballet shoes and dance and walk on her tippy toes. After seeing this, my husband and I decided to find a way to get her back into the 11:15am class. Now he picks her up during the middle of daycare, then I take her back to daycare after the class. She was very happy to go back to ballet class. That’s all she talks about and she tells her daycare teachers all about it. I know my daughter loves to dance, but I also know she loves to dance at Anchorage Ballet.

Carmen Shearer 
Parent of ACBA Student

Through all of my years dancing at ACBA, I was never told that my goals were impossible or that I couldn’t achieve them. One of my goals was to become a dance instructor and ACBA is the school that I knew could make this happen. At ACBA I was taught that I could do anything I wanted, as long as I was persistent and never gave up. My ACBA Family is responsible for who I am today, having taught me many lessons that I use continuously in my life inside and out of the classroom. Thank you ACBA for giving me the opportunity to live my dream as a Dance Instructor and Choreographer and the ability to make other students’ dreams come true.

Holly Haney
ACBA Instructor

In 2009, after graduating from Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy, I attended the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre. I then became a member of the American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company in New York City. In 2011, I was asked to apprentice with American Ballet Theatre and soon was offered a corps contract. I now hold a corps de ballet position with American Ballet Theatre. I would like to give special thanks to the Anchorage Classical Ballet Academy staff and Michelangelo and Farah Canale for their outstanding training and helping me get to where I am today.

Gabrielle Johnson
Professional Dancer
American Ballet Theatre
Houston Ballet