Benefits of Ballet

Six Incredible
Benefits of Ballet
By Kristie Leong M.D.

Whether you’re looking for an activity for yourself or for your child, ballet offers many potential benefits for both body and mind. It’s a total body workout that requires both discipline and focus but is also quite enjoyable. Plus, ballet is usually taught in a group setting which gives you the opportunity to interact with other dancers. Here are some of the many benefits of ballet:

Ballet benefit: Promotes better posture

Ballet benefit: Sculpts and tones your body

Ballet benefit: Develops poise and body awareness

Ballet benefit: Helps to relieve stress

Ballet benefit: Promotes creative expression

Ballet benefit: Promotes flexibility.

Ballet benefit: Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.


There are a multitude of ballet benefits you can enjoy by participating in ballet classes. If you’re no longer a child, there are a variety of classes being offered for adults that are designed specifically for the more mature participant. Why not see if these classes are being offered in your area so you can experience the phenomenal benefits of ballet?